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The GameChanger Team

Dana Daughters

“The GameChanger”
President & CEO

In over 35 years running his own excavating company, Dana has seen just about everything. Having personally repaired dozens of failed in-wall sewage outlet connections, he asked a very simple question: “Why not make it longer?” 3 US patents later, GameChanger Fittings, LLC was born. Dana’s personal mission is to eliminate the health risks and costly repairs that can happen when an in-wall sewage connection fails.

Duane Chubb

CFO & Treasurer

Duane has over 17 years of experience in accounting and finance, with a BA in Accounting and an MBA in Finance and Supply Chain Management. He has broad ranging experience in automotive manufacturing and corporate finance and previously managed his own real estate portfolio. “Partnering with Dana and getting behind the GameChanger product was an easy decision once I understood the importance of the health issues that can come from a leaking pipe joint inside the wall and the simplicity of how to both fix and prevent them.”
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