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GameChanger Fittings LLC

GameChanger Fittings’ “Wye” is a unique, patented fitting that makes the transition from the inside to the outside of a foundation wall faster for the contractor and safer for the homeowner.


GameChanger Fittings, LLC was created for one reason, to eliminate the health risks and costly repairs that can result from a failed sewage connection. When a connection fails, raw sewage leaks into foundation walls, eventually seeping through to the inside of the building. The GameChanger products have been adopted by the Ohio Board Of Building Standards. View the document here.

Reduce Health Risks!

Long before there is any visible evidence of leakage, methane gases are being released into the building, which can pose health risks to residents. Methane gas decreases oxygen in the air which can cause nausea, headaches and vomiting, and the effects of long-term exposure to methane are as-yet unknown.

The Cost Effective Solution!

A residential failure can be costly to repair.  It’s costly due to the need to dig down to the pipe on the outside of the home as well as open up a large hole in the foundation wall to remove and replace the fitting and connecting pipe. Since the beginning of indoor plumbing, the only option has been to repair the leak using the same configuration and risk the connection failing again. Until now!

Changing the Way Sewage Exits a Structure Around the World!

Simplicity is the key

The beauty of the GameChanger fitting is in its simplicity. Our patented one-piece design extends the Wye or Tee fitting all the way through the wall to connect with the sewer, septic, or sump drain on the exterior of the building. No in-wall or in-floor connection means no leaks! Give your customers the piece of mind that they’ll never have to deal with the health risks and high cost of a failure in their sewage or sump pump outlet.